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Price: $30 — $3450
  •  2,440.00

    I feel matt! Antibacterial powder with green tea and cocoa extracts and with the addition of silk.
    Perfect for combination and oily skin. It guarantees safe, matt makeup and prevents imperfections at the same time. It stabilises sebum secretion during your daytime activity.

    How to use: apply with a powder brush on the entire face to mattify and fix the makeup.

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    Natural effect & radiant skin! A delicate moisturising foundation, which covers imperfections and guarantees long-lasting perfect makeup. A formula with hyaluronic acid, a complex of A, C, and E vitamins, panthenol and allantoin guarantees a sense of freshness and comfort, and makes the skin look radiant and rested. It contains elastomers which smooth out the surface of the epidermis and absorb excess sebum – the effect of perfect matt skin for up to 12 h is guaranteed! Fat-free, it does not clog pores. How to use: distribute on the skin of your face and neck using a foundation brush, a sponge or fingers by patting gently.

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    Your road to RADIANCE! Blush which will make your cheeks look girly fresh! It will make your skin look charming and healthy all the time!

    How to use: apply with a blush brush on the cheekbones.

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    A princess’s powder box! Mattifying pressed powder which guarantees satin-like finish of the make-up. A great formula which contains silk and aloe extract ensuring a fabulous makeup finish.
    Appropriate for all skin types.

    How to use: apply with a powder brush on the entire face to mattify and fix the makeup.

  •  2,390.00

    Concealer in stick. Perfectly hides imperfections, discolorations and dark circles under the eyes. It’s ormula perfectly blends with the skin masking any shortcomings. Handy packaging makes the concealer easy to use. Perfect for quick make-up. Available in two shades: Light and Dark.

  •  4,240.00

    Feel the mint! Light mineral powder with bamboo particles, mint and aloe extracts. It perfectly finishes the make-up by absorbing excess sebum, gives a long-lasting matt effect with a subtle hint of mint.

    The content of natural ingredients makes the skin look natural, fresh and healthy.

    It does not contain preservatives, colourants or talc. How to use: apply with a small pad or a brush on the previously prepared skin, i.e. on the applied foundation.

  • Clear

    The illuminizer that will immediately add radiance and freshness to your skin. Set off your cheekbones – for a radiant look of your skin, apply on the eyelids – for an illuminated look, brush lightly over the neckline and shoulders for subtle illumination.


  •  2,440.00

    Perfect day! Rice powder with aloe extract which absorbs excess sebum. The formula conditions the skin, keeps an appropriate level of moisture and has a protective function. It adapts to the skin colour which guarantees perfect effects all day long.

    How to use: apply with a powder brush on the entire face to mattify and fix the make-up.

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    Wanna shine!

    Intense, loose pigment for lasting colour and amazing brightness. A multipurpose product. Added to the eye shadow yields colour of varying intensity, mixed with bases subtly illuminates them, applied to a lip gloss or lipstick gives a metallic flash, combined with a nutrient or ink to perfectly illuminates the look and extends make-up durability.

    And what will you conjure up with Sprinkle Me?

    How to use: Apply the product with fingertips directly on the skin or mix with any make-up product

  • Clear

    A kiss from the Sun! Matt bronzing powder ideal for modelling the face contour. It guarantees perfect appearance and a silky finish of your make-up.

    How to use: apply using a brush to model facial contours or enhance the tan effect, use as needed on the face and/or the body.

  •  2,790.00

    Transparent finish! Transparent loose powder sets the make-up, prevents the skin from shining and guarantees perfect effects all day long. It ideally adapts to all skin colours, guaranteeing stable makeup all day long.

    How to use: apply with a powder brush on the entire face to mattify and fix the make-up.