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Price: $30 — $3450
  •  2,240.00

    Glue me

    Adhesive for glitter and eye shadow. It prolongs durability, increases the intensity of colours and allows you to make make-up using small glitter elements that require strong adhesion to the skin. The base guarantees that each shiny particle will remain in place.

    How to use: gently spread a small amount of glue in the place where glitter/pigment is to be placed. Then wait until the gel starts to dry and apply a coloured product.

  • Clear

    Confidence for many hours! Owing to its satin-smooth consistency and the nude colour, it will perfectly smooth out the eyelid colour, creating a canvas for an unbelievable piece of art. It will set off the eyeshadow pigment and improve the wear time.

    How to use: apply a thin layer with a brush or fingers and then delicately pat the base in with your fingertips.